Wrapping My Fears Up In Prayers

Hey love! It’s been a minute. I’ve been working on a few things, one of which is a whole new blog site! I’m super excited about it and have been procrastinating about posting over here because transferring websites isn’t fun. But I’m back and committed to showing up here until the other site is done. Alright let’s get into it!

I did something huge.

Back in March I made the decision to answer the call and start preparing for the journey from solopreneur to CEO (or CVO; Chief Visionary Officer for those who know me for real) because I knew God was up to something. He placed 2 women in my path to help prepare me for where He’s taking me.

My good sis Jalynn Jones led an amazing challenge called The C-Suite Challenge and that was the foundation and my amazing Coach, good sis and spiritual advisor (she just ain’t stepped into yet lol) Bria Hash. She led me and 2 other women in a powerful mastermind that made me extremely unapologetic and unafraid of who I was created to be.

I went on a social media hiatus from April to June to rid God’s blueprint for my life from the fingerprints of others. During that time I broke my business and went back to executing the vision THE WAY GOD REVEALED IT TO ME. I was tired of trying to execute in expired seasons and out of order. See as a visionary, I know the entire vision when it comes to business of what God wants me to do. The problem was I was getting so excited about step 10 that I would completely neglect the growing pains of step 3. 

But there's purpose in your pain.

If you’ve been around for awhile then you know I know that. I know you know it too because of how often I’m saying it. Sometimes you have to step back and apply what you know to every situation vs picking and choosing what feels comfortable.

Fast forward to July and opportunities started presenting themselves (but so did obstacles). When you’re close to your breakthrough, obstacles will always come. But you have to remember to find the opportunities in your obstacles. It’s all about perspective. 

One of those opportunities was to partner with Courtney Adeleye. I’ve been following her on social media for years, admiring from afar. She’s the creator of the hair care line Mane Choice and is hands down one of the best female CEO’s in my opinion. She took $500 and turned it into a multi million dollar empire. She’s no joke! 

Her most recent venture is Olbali. A direct selling company that focuses on health and wellness.

As a holistic childcare owner with a background in nursing, I connected with the brand and mission almost immediately. It aligned perfectly with what I’m building over at The Purpose Village and the fact that Courtney and her husband are both medical professionals was the icing on the cake for me. They have  intentionally created each product to have several health benefits, so you can guarantee you won’t find anything like Olbali products anywhere. 

On top of that, Courtney is extremely hands on. With live trainings every Thursday, what company do you know that gives you weekly pay, access to a multi millionaire CEO, handles all the marketing, fulfillment, distribution, the highest compensation rates in the industry and your own app for a one time fee of just $49?!! 

As amazing as the opportunity was, I was too stuck in the overwhelm of my obstacles to move forward.

So I stayed connected.

There’s a word in there somewhere that I don’t have time to unpack right now but maybe I’ll do a post about this later.

A few weeks ago I wrapped my fears up with prayers, turned them into courage and gave God my yes by saying yes to the vision He gave Courtney. I’ve been so focused on my issues and vision lately that I haven’t really took the time to see how being a vessel in someone else’s vision could actually equip and propel me into parts of my own.

When I tell you the alignment, sisterhood and impact over here at Olbali is insane and unmatched, it’s an understatement! And we haven’t even launched yet! 


In just 45 days Courtney has taken the direct selling industry by storm and has already surpassed Avon and Mary Kay as being nominated the top female direct selling CEO of the year! She’s made it easier than ever to make everyday life intentional and accessible, reward customers with free products and even help others gain financial freedom if they choose. 

The opportunities with Olbali are unlimited and the impact is unimaginable. Just last night Courtney announced the Olbali Love Foundation which will be launching on October 2nd. And since I’m on a mission to enrich the lives of children by enriching their environments then I’m going to keep sharing about all the goodies that Olbali has to offer. So prepare to be sick of me becuase we’re shifting into thriving over here!


Want to learn more about this amazing opportunity?! I’m doing a live unboxing of my first Olbali goodies tonight at 7:30pm EST over on my IG. I would love to see you there!

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