Laughter Is Good for the Soul

Last month hubby and I had a very stressful family situation going on, so the date night that I had planned weeks earlier, was a much needed one. Hubby in particular really needed a break, even if for a few hours, and I was happy to help take his mind off of things by bringing a little bit of laughter into the situation. 

On a typical date night, we usually don’t leave the house until 7-7:30pm, but since I had plans for us at 8, we got things started as soon as my last childcare family left at 5:30. It was a bit of a rush, as we had to be at our first destination by 6:00, but we made it with 4 minutes to spare. 

Now if you’ve been following this blog for longer than 10 minutes, then you’ve probably realized that my family and I are absolute foodies, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we LOVE a great happy hour (check out the ones we found on my birthday). We started the night at one of our go-to restaurants for happy hour, Granite City Food & Brewery.

We’ve eaten here a few times for dinner, and I’ve heard they have a pretty good brunch, but their happy hour is the real reason why we visit. At only $5 for beers and classic comfort foods like flatbread pizzas, tacos, quesadillas and more, their happy hour makes for a great budget date, quick bite or a full meal if you’re a light eater. We ordered the flatbread pizza, chicken quesadillas, BBQ wings, and pork nachos, all for just $20, so you know I was happy. 

After eating, we made our way to the main event of the night, which I was super excited about for several reasons:

The show was being held at our church, which I LOVE everything about. Hey NCBF family!


It was my birthday weekend and I had been looking forward to attending this event since I found out about it in May

 How often do you hear the words clean comedy show? I love to laugh, and comedy shows have always been my thing, but over the last 2 years, my tolerance for certain types of language is extremely low


Of course it was another opportunity or an intentional date night


One of my favorite Instagram comedians was headlining the show


Headlined by Kevin Fredericks, better known by his Instagram handle @kevonstage, the show was a two-part event. Kevin and his amazing wife Melissa @mrskevonstage moderated a love hour seminar during the first half, and multiple social media comedians, performed for the second half. Knowing that we would be unable to attend both portions due to timing, we opted to only attend the comedy show. I was slightly disappointed because if the seminar was anything like Kevin and Melissa’s podcast, The Love Hour Podcast, then I knew we were missing out! But making sure hubby’s belly wasn’t on “E” while we sat through a 4-hour show, was a little bit more important. And I’m so happy I made the decision to only attend the second portion because hubby really enjoyed himself (I don’t think that’s possible without the involvement of food first). He was actually engaged with what was going on, and even belly laughed on multiple occasions. Hubby acts so serious most of the time, so it was refreshing to see him out of his element, especially with everything that was going on.

Everything about the show was very tastefully done and executed in excellence. Of course Kevin killed his performance, but I’ve never been to a show where everybody was funny! From the host Tahir Moore who was beyond funny and kept the audience engaged and crying laughing, to Tony Baker’s hilarious yet accurate reenactments of life, and DoBoy’s righteous but ratchet comedic antics, the show was everything! While I can’t wait to attend another one of their shows, you may not have to. With only 2 shows left on this tour, they may be coming to a city near you! 


So if you’re looking for a great date night, girls night out or just need a reason to laugh, be sure to follow Kevin and all the other real comedians of social media, on Instagram and never miss out on another event again!

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