D.O.P.E. Woman Spotlight: Brandè Berwick


I had the privilege of meeting today’s D.O.P.E. woman in 2005 when I cared for her niece. She always exuded the spirit of excellence, integrity, and strength, and in all these years, nothing has changed. So naturally, when God placed this portion of the blog on my heart, and I saw the dope things she was doing, I had to feature her. Meet Ms. Brandè Berwick. The proud mom of 1 who’s embracing her journey as a single parent in a DOPE way.

It’s been a while since I last saw you. In addition to being the mom of a handsome young man, tell me, who is Brandè the woman today?

Life has been amazing! I am a single mom walking in freedom and true healing. I’m filled with so much joy, I know who I am in Christ, and I’m bold to walk in who I know I am. I am stronger in my word, and I truly desire a relationship with Jesus on a different level. I speak up and don’t settle for things that I know are not from HIM. I feel stronger because I have let Jesus have more control over me than in my previous years.


How have your experiences and who you have become shaped your mindset when it comes to parenting? 

I knew the type of parent I wanted to become, and it has been my prayer that I created a home for my son that was a good training ground for him. When I got pregnant, I knew that if I wanted different, then it started with me. I remember praying for God to show me myself, and He did. He continues to do so to this day. I think that has been key because if I don’t see what needs to be changed in me as a person or where I need healing, then I will act in my old habits, which are not always beneficial.

It’s amazing what God will use to draw you closer to Him. I had to make changes. I prayed more than I ever had before because I wanted the Lord to lead me as I raised him. I want His guidance. If I can help give him a healthy environment where he sees the presence of God in our home and has fun, then it gets no better than that to me.


That’s beautiful. The saying goes, “children are our biggest teachers.” With that in mind, what has your parenting journey taught you about being intentional? 

Our children look at our every move. From how we handle our finances, how we talk to people, handle stress, how we serve, etc. Knowing that my son is looking at my every move, has caused me to be very intentional about how I spend, speak, and handle people and life situations. His dad is not in his life at all. I have had to be very intentional about how I handle that situation. I am seeing the fruits from being intentional with my son, even at the tender age of 10.


I couldn’t agree more! What areas did you have to grow in first to ensure you were more intentional as a parent? 

All of me needed work, but my thought process and how I viewed and handled situations were the areas that I wanted to grow in first. I wanted to change to be a better version of myself. So I sought out Christian Counseling and great Bible-teaching churches that had the resources I needed to help me become a better version of myself. 


Although intentional, none of us are perfect, and we all have our own struggles. What struggles have you overcome, and what’s your biggest obstacle right now? 

I’ve struggled with my identity in Christ, not thinking I was good enough, fornication, and thinking I needed to do that to keep the man I was with, and I was not trusting the Lord to be my provider. My biggest struggle right now is operating out of fear and doubt and not thinking I’m capable to carry the vision God has given me.


Despite your struggle, your journey is still an inspiring one. How are you still managing to be D.O.P.E (dominate on purpose every day) despite your obstacles? 

I stay in my Bible, I fast more than I ever have in my life, I worship, I run to my knees more than people. I position myself to hear the voice of God. That has been a game-changer for me.

I left my job at the end of last year because my son and I truly believe God has called us to do more with single-parent families. We are working on something now because we want to be a blessing, but we want to walk through life with them, help them with resources for themselves and their child/children. 

Until we get our ministry/organization up and running, we have started a Youtube channel, praying that our story will inspire others. I’ve also started a blog called Beautiful & Blooming. Which encourages single moms to remember that they are beautiful and that we are all blooming into wonderful mothers together.



That’s awesome! How has that strengthened your relationship with your son? 

Since I seek the Lord more, he’s shown me how to raise my son. He has led me to listen to podcasts, seek Christian advice and study my word. Because I long for it, the Lord shows me myself daily and the things I need to change. I have created a space with my son where he can tell me how he feels, he listens, and God is at the center of our home.


Your approach to parenting is definitely setting your son up for success, and I love it! As a mom, what intentional steps are a part of your personal daily routine? 

Waking up early, starting my day with prayer, worship music, devotionals, and studying the Bible.


That one on one time is so important. You seem to have a pretty good grip on staying grounded and not allowing others to impose their expectations of parenting on you, so I’m curious. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as it relates to parenting? 

Pray over your children. I got that from my parents. They were very consistent with praying for us. I remember someone telling me to pray over them when they are sleeping and before they go out of the house in the morning. I took it a step further and anointed my home with oil and the doorway to my sons’ room.


Yes! I love that! Now what’s the best advice you’ve ever received as it relates to life in general? 

It was from my 10-year-old son, but he was 9 years old when he said it. He said, “mom, continue to be obedient to what the Lord says, tithe, continue to give and watch how God continues to bless you.”


Wow! He’s wise beyond his years. You’re clearly doing a great job instilling fundamental values in your son. For the parents who may be struggling in their journey, what advice would you give them?

You are not alone. Jesus is waiting with open arms to guide you through each day with your child/children. Keep pressing, find a great Bible teaching church for you and your children. I pray for discernment for you and that you are careful who you allow to give you advice and pour into you. 

 If you do not know him, I pray that you come into a relationship with Him by starting with the sinner’s prayer. It will change your life like nothing else ever will.

I am here and praying for you! It is okay to cry at times, and it is okay to not know what to do. But I pray that God comforts you and gives you the tribe of people that you need to help and support you and your family.


I couldn’t agree more! Thank you Brandè & Jaylen for allowing us a sneak peek into your world!



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