Blind spots.

We all have them. 

Areas of our lives that we don’t seem to realize were failing, swerving or lacking in unless we’re intentionally looking for them or the people in our lives point them out. 

For a long time my blind spots were my marriage and children. I was so busy trying to “catch up”  on the dreams that my depression stole from me that I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated by my family. I started looking at them as burdens instead of blessings, believing that they were the reason I wasn’t accomplishing my goals. Forget the fact that I didn’t feel worthy enough to actually accomplish them or the fact that I held perfectionism and procrastination at higher levels than execution and wisdom. 

Now that I know better and I'm standing in the hard work and answered prayers of my blood, sweat and tears, I’m determined to help other women.

Those who are so busy playing catch up to their social media timelines and society’s standards that it’s causing them to “live their dreams” at the expense of their faith, family and authentic selves. Once I have the keys to something, I’ll never lock you out. We move different around here.

Plant The Roots

Evaluate the things that are important to you and stay in alignment with those things. It makes it so much easier to say no to things that don’t serve you in that moment and implement effective boundaries that you won’t feel guilty for. 


Flow don't force

I used to be that person who tried to balance everything. I sought the advice of well known gurus (this was way before the social media pop up gurus) but none of their advice worked. That’s because there is no such thing as balance and trying to implement what worked for someone else who doesn’t know your purpose or walking in the same lane, isn’t going to yield the same results. See #1.


Embrace Feelings, Not Façades

I have a saying that goes, you’re allowed to feel how you feel, you’re just not allowed to stay there. A lot of time, we (because ya girl is intentional, not perfect) like to embrace the facade of “I’m fine” or “I  don’t need help” when that’s just a mask that we’ve grown accustomed to wearing. It’s time to take the mask off and sit in what you’re feeling. Reach out for help from those who are well versed in the area you need help in. While friends and family members may mean well, a lot of them are serving you projected fears and dysfunctional generational cycles. There are too many people attached to the goals that you’ve abandoned to be caught up in a facade. Too many generations attached to the purpose you were created with. To the dreams that won’t let you sleep. Walking around acting like everything is fine when it’s not, is a cape that you need to hang up. Immediately.


Fix Your Cup Before You Fill It!

If I see another “you can’t pour from an empty cup” post I’m going to scream. Insert heavy eye roll. Yes filling your cup up first is important but to many of us are walking around trying to fill broken cups with the weight of our goals and dreams. We’re too busy trying to look whole that we’re not actually being whole.


Putting band-aids on wounds that require surgery is only prolonging your ability to be an effective vessel.

And if you can’t be filled, then you’ll never overflow. And if you don’t overflow, you’ll never be able to pour from your saucer (which is the only place we pour from). What’s in our cups is the strength, faith, worthiness, courage and wisdom that we need to be the blessings we were created to be. 

Laurel & Daisy (15)

If there are some blind spots in your life that are keeping you from going after the goals that you’ve lost or abandoned, book a call with me so I can help you turn the life that you’ve been dreaming about, into reality.

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