Wrapping Up My Fears In Prayer

Wrapping My Fears Up In Prayers Hey love! It’s been a minute. I’ve been working on a few things, one of which is a whole new blog site! I’m super excited about it and have been procrastinating about posting over here because transferring websites isn’t fun. But I’m back and committed to showing up here […]

Blind Spots

Blind Spots Blind spots. We all have them. Areas of our lives that we don’t seem to realize were failing, swerving or lacking in unless we’re intentionally looking for them or the people in our lives point them out. For a long time my blind spots were my marriage and children. I was so busy […]

Respecting My Kids Boundaries

Respecting My Kids Boundaries Who told you kids don’t have boundaries? Was it taught to you or was it caught by you? Apparently I caught it. I thought I was giving my children the space and opportunity to create their own boundaries. I thought I was teaching them how to stand up for themselves. Let […]

Hold Up God…I’ve Got This

Hold Up God…I’ve Got This Strength The capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. How can you operate in your strength for something you aren’t even the producer of? On May 1st, I decided to join a #consistencychallenge that one of my favorite bloggers Mattie James started. And I’ve been […]

Shifting; Getting Out of My Own Way

Shifting; Getting Out of My Own Way Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to a product that I highly recommend and have used myself. Shift To move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance.   Shifting is uncomfortable. Shifting can be painful. Shifting can lead to depression […]